Have you chosen the FLEURIR finest artisan chocolates to complement the FLEURELITY floral creation? Excellent! For a special occasion or just because they are simply the most perfect present to indulge in.


The cute bite-sized FLEURIR chocolates have delicious taste with no comparison and are beautifully designed to delight your eyes.


The price per box is a regular price FLEURIR chocolates charge. You don't have to make a trip to pick your chocolates up though and neither you need to pay for shipping costs. I place an order for you, I pick up your fresh chocolates from FLEURIR chocolate shop in Old Town and I personally deliver them with my flowers to the recipient.


It could not get easier!

​​​SELECT the delicious gift and SEE THE PRICE you will pay in addition to your flower order. You can see more info on the FLEURIR chocolates website. Should you wish to avoid a certain flavor in a standard selection of chocolates, please note it in the order form or mention it to me when you are placing an order by phone or email. Please note that FLEURIR CHOCOLATE SHOP sells from Wednesday through Sunday. If you need me to deliver on other days, please contact me first. Thank you.


Strawberry marshmallows hearts 9pc/16pc: price $17.95/$29.95

​Be Mine Box 16pc/25pc: price $38.95/$54.95

More info at http://www.fleurirchocolates.com/shop/?category=Holiday+Assortment

A standard assortment of delicious FLEURIR chocolate truffles 

4 pc box of chocolates: price $ 9.95

9 pc box of chocolates: price $ 21.95

- 16pc box of chocolates: price $ 34.95 

Click on the image to learn more (p.s. larger boxes available!).

A box of FLEURIR caramels made with buttery salted caramel with a hint of nutmeg and

cinnamon dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with Murray River Flake Salt.  Mnamm.

Price determined by the size of a box.​ Click on the image to learn more. Price starting at $8.95.

FLEURIR Mint Meltaways

Dark chocolate coated pieces of homemade fresh mint fondant will totally melt you away.

Every bite just melt deliciously on your tongue. They are my absolute favorite.

They come in a box of 5 and cost $4.95 (I kindly ask you to order at least 3 boxes for my personal pick-up).

FLEURIR Wine Bar Set

Five flavor-infused chocolate bars created specifically to pair with wines: $16.95

Find out more about these wildly delicious chocolate bars crafted by Fleurir

by clicking on their image. 

FLEURIR Dark Chocolate Tasting squares

Taste the difference and become an expert in​ chocolate: $13.95

These melt-in-your-mouth, dark chocolate tasting squares highlight the unique flavor profiles of

four different growing regions.